The Country

Hungarian Handmade From Transylvania. 
All our bags are made in Transylvania, in the middle of the Romanian Carpathian Mountains.
Fortunately we had the opportunity to get in touch with the residents and the region on our many trips through the country. We cannot deny nor confirm the rumors about the local vampires.
Beautiful nature and long-standing cities and villages are the perfect place to handcraft our cycle bags.
Transylvania (white):Rumänien sicbags fahrrad 

The Manufactories

Every manufactory, even every single craftsman is unique. You can find this uniqueness in every item. Whether it's a one-person craft business or a little family business, it's pure handicraft which has been passed down from generation to generation. The use of premium-only and regional materials, meticulous work and lovely design are inherent parts of this tradition.

Attila is in touch with our craftsmen, to ensure fair working conditions and outstanding quality.

Our bags are manufactured in small batches and we are open for proposals. If you have any ideas or want to see a new item in our catalogue just contact us at



Our Philosophy


All our bags are handcrafted. That means, that every single item is unique in it's design, leather and color - but there are no differences in the quality: it is as high as it can be. You will get a an individual item that can't be found a second time.


The collaboration with our craftsmen is fair and at eye level. Great conditions and sustainable cooperations keep this beautiful cultural heritage alive.


Our bags last long - guaranteed. Whenever something is broken, we offer a free repair service. Just get in touch with our support and we take care of your bag. 
We use sustainably tanned leather and environmentally friendly colors.

Good Quality has it's price - but is worth while. In the long run our bags are not just eco friendly but even wallet friendly. 

We want to provide accessories which make your live not only more beautiful, but unique.

Don't be part of the masses and go (or ride) your own way. We are glad to be your daily companion.