Attila Czine

Attila Czine Sicnature Regensburg

Attila itself comes from the so-called Szeklerland (lat. Terra Siculorum), an area in eastern Transylvania. The predominantly Hungarian-speaking population feels very connected to their homeland and their traditional heritage. Consequently, he learned - even before he could walk - riding and is the world's greatet horse lover. The early contact with saddlery and his study of horse management in Budapest make him an irreplaceable part of Luckily, his education led him to Regensburg for a few years.

Benedikt Angstmann

Ben Angstmann sicnature Regensburg

Ben realizes his dreams here. He is an entrepreneur, a lover of high quality and unique products and power user of his bike. With he can let all this out. H studied business administration, professional contacts with e-commerce and advertising and the almost inexhaustible will to equip the world with more uniqueness, drive him to make the project a reality.

Stefan Aust

Stefan Aust sicnature Regensburg

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