Every single bag leaving our manufactory will be polished with organic macadamia nut oil, carnauba wax and a horsehair brush and after that made weatherproof with a gently impregnating. 

From time to time this protection has to be regenerated because our bags are designed for your everyday life and are exposed to many environmental influences. 

The UV light from the sun can dry out the leather and make it rough. Scratches on the leather are a matter of opinion.

Currently we are offering bags from various leather, which are differing not in quality but regarding to thickness and haptic. 

The Avant-Garde

Our Avant-Garde is consisting of soft leather with a surface mostly smooth but sometimes rough. Mostly the use of a soft, wetted cloth with a small amount of dish detergent and after that some impregnating is enough for caring.

The Classics and #boho    

Our classics and the #boho collection consists of sturdy saddler leather, which will become more smooth and handy over time: 

Here also the cleaning with a tiny (!) amount of dish detergent and a soft, wetted cloth will be helpful. Afterwards the leather can be greased classically or oiled what will be resulting in a wonderful patina and color over time. If you don't want anything like that the use of a impregnating is recommended as well.