Shipping and Return

No. As soon as you place your order and the payment is done we'll ship your bag.

It depends on where you are. All our items are shipped from Germany. Just contact us for more information.

Our logistics partner of trust is DHL, which delivers in many, many countries. As soon as we register your shipping we get the tracking ID, which you get in your delivery confirmation.

Sure. If you don't want to keep your bag or decide that it's not what you need, you shouldn't pay for that. Just hit our support with a mail and you'll get a return label

Our Bags

Our bags are made for generations. We choose the best leather, premium clasps and work with the best craftsmen. If there's something wrong with our bags we will repair it - no matter what, proper handling assumed. Just give us a mail<7p>

All our bags are handcrafted and we use only natural material. There will always be little deviations but every single item satisfies our high requirements. The color of the brown leather may vary a little bit hence we buy the buy only premium leather in different tanneries.

We manufacture as sustainably as possible which means: Everything takes it's time :) If a single item i sold out we try to bring it back after 14 days. Of course you can pre-order: we're writing the code for this function and it's not working yet, so hit us with an email

Sure. We cannot provide this service in our shop right now. Simple reason: You don't want standards, and we don't want to provide standard solutions. If you want unique items, just subscribe for our newsletter, in which we offer single-unit productions. If you want something custom built, just for you, just text us:

Yes. Every bag is a natural product. Even the finish of our bags is natural: Organic Macadamia Oil. With a bit leather care you can polish your bag and it will look like a new one. All our bags are handmade and handled with care, but sometimes there are little scratches on them even when they are new. We provide everyday objects for generations and every scratch has it's history. Let's write history!


That's the exact Reason. Atti is Hungarian grown up in Romania. Our many trips through this country have shown us how beautiful Transylvania is. The untouched nature, the long-standing history and the welcoming people- that's just great. We are fans of Europe and want to live a European Thinking. And there are regions which need a bit more attention and help. Romania is one of them.

Our craftsmen are our friends and friendship is a long-term relationship. That's just possible with collaborations on equal terms and unconditional fairness. We know not just every craftsman personally - even their families and employes. Only fair contribution can support them and help a region which was left behind by the rest of the world.

As sustainable as possible. We know where the cow came from for our leather, we know, where the leather was tanned, we know who produces bags from this leather. Even the trucker who brings the bags to germany is a friend of us. We control the whole supply chain.