Wow, wow, wow!

Some time ago we started a special project.

Thomas wanted our Trapèze leather bicycle bag for his bicycle and unfortunately had to find out that it didn't exactly fit his frame.

We were sure that we would find a solution together.

First we wanted to advise him that a new bike would make sense.
After all, we sell the most beautiful bicycle bags in the world.

However, Thomas came before us with his solution proposal - namely a bag made to measure - and we had to realize that this is perhaps really a little more practicable :)

After Thomas had made a stencil and chosen the right leather, we were able to give our craftsmen the starting signal for the made-to-measure production of the bicycle bag.

The result is impressive. I wrote Thomas in the mail not only that his bag was finished and shipped, but also that I hardly want to give it away, it has become so beautiful.

Regardless of the result, everyone had fun with this project. Thomas, because he saw his cardboard stencil turn into a bag, our craftsman, because he was facing new challenges, and we, because we could do wonderfully justice to our role: Mediator between exceptional artists and exceptional bicycle lovers.

The idea of custom-made bicycles has been with us for a long time and now that this experiment has been successful, we want to continue this exciting project.

Full of anticipation we are eager to see what the future will bring.