News of July

Yesterday we had our big online marketing workshop, which laid the foundation for our online project in the near future.

Meanwhile we like our shop really well. I work with it every day and have to admit that I still like to watch it.

Mostly something always gets on your nerves or you can look at certain things like tired. But our site is like one of our bags: I am always happy when I have them in front of me and can use them.

It's just something special, it's our baby.

To start a good conscience, targeted traffic to our site to throw, were still a few things to do.

Thankfully, we had Frank Herold and his team, who opened our eyes a little. Sometimes you just do not see the forest for the trees and become blind.

Since today you can register in our shop and create user accounts. That helps, if you want to take our guarantee and do not have to cancel your bill. In the future, exclusive offers are planned for registered users. Limited Editions, unique pieces and of course one or the other discount.

You can also rate our products now. We did not take this function out of our old shop because we simply forgot it. We have also moved the old comments. Thank you for that by the way.

We have more pictures for you now. We had our great shoot and our photographer provided us with lots of wonderful pictures. You can now see more of them on the collection and product pages.

One or the other translation has not really worked out yet. At the moment we are concentrating on Germany, Austria and Switzerland in order to avoid capacity bottlenecks. But we think: Everyone should be able to read how much we love our bags.
As always: Anyone who finds a mistake in the translation and this tells us gets a voucher of 20% on the next order. (Only one coupon per nose redeemable :)

That's it. We look forward to seeing what the future holds and will always give a little bit more than anyone else! At our shop, at our bags and above all at the contact with our customers.

Many Thanks!