Danger of confusion: signature bicycle bags Regensburg?

Lately, our small business is also taking place away from the vastness of the internet.

Who would have thought it, but we also do a pretty good job off-line every now and then.

Therefore, more and more people, who have learned from newspapers or conversations from us, are looking for our bicycle bags to take a closer look at the whole thing.

Unfortunately, this often leads to minor misunderstandings, which then lead to our shop can not be found.

sicnature - a rather unusual name.
In a nutshell I would like to explain again how we got the name.

We founded Regensburg in Bavaria with the aim of selling the highest quality and unique bicycle bags the world has ever seen.

At that time, we already knew from which region we could buy the bags and wanted to link the region with our brand name.

The Hungarian-speaking part of Transylvania, the so-called terra sicolorum, was important to us because it was the home of our co-founder Attila.

It could also come from Latin and so on! mean. Like him: That's how it works! Nature, self-explanatory, stands for sustainability and naturalness.

(Incidentally, the name does not come from us, but from my girlfriend, which is perhaps a little more creative in this respect than we three :)

What seemed to us the most divine brand name at the time now presents us with some challenges.

I've looked at what keywords visitors come to our pages.

Often they are the following:

Signature Regensburg, signature bicycle bags, signature leather

or then the English variant

Signature Regensburg, signature bike bag, signature leather

The phonetic closeness between sicnature and signature is quite wonderful for us. Our bags are Signature Bags! They are the best bike bags that you can buy. They are an absolute Signature Collection! Just stop with c.

So what can we do so that we are also found by visitors who are listening offline from us and may not know that our brand is written as signature just with c?

The blog entry is already a step in the right direction. In the future, we will ensure that we include the keywords in this direction in our repertoire in order to better collect our customers.

It's nice to see that we can also make sales through word of mouth alone. Now we just have to be found.