Calmness, cartons and christmas

Our first own boxes have arrived. Since yesterday packages are on their way through Germany, on which our logo is printed. And it feels fantastic!

It's our first Christmas with this new shop and these wonderful products. We also want to experience this part of the year at our own pace. In the time when other dealers are in a hurry, we seek the serenity and tranquility. It takes hours to complete one of our bags. Years to give her the perfect beauty through scratches, patina and wear. And decades to tell our grandchildren: This bag has already accompanied your grandmother through thick and thin.

Why do we stress while perfection takes time? We make works of art that are gifts all year round. We send our packages free of charge and by express 365 days a year . We give our best every day and are in constant preparation for the next step.

That's why it took us almost a year to find the perfect boxes to decorate with our branding. Our demands on sustainability, simplicity and design were just as high for our packaging material as for our products.

Now they are here. And they are perfect!