Outdoor activities in and around Regensburg

The summer is so slowly over and a wonderful autumn has begun.

Dry weather and almost continuous sunshine make sure that going out is still a lot of fun: The winter clothes still remain in the closet, the bikes can still be ridden without mudguards and our office still often takes place outside.

Right now we are sitting in front of the Walhalla near Regensburg and - thanks to Bayern WLAN - are writing this blog posting for you.

Meanwhile we are specialists in Wifi-Schnorren, find quiet places and make ourselves comfortable there.

Laptop and a bottle of water (today we preferred a thermos of tea) in one of our bags, off we go to the bike and off we go to the next public hotspot.

Today, for example, we're writing to potential influencers on Instagram and Youtube, planning new content on our social channels and editing a video to show you how our bags prove themselves in everyday life.

The great thing about the whole story: The battery life limits - due to a lack of power socket - the working time and makes sure that the to-do list is efficiently ticked off. Everything has to be done in 6.5 hours at the latest, otherwise the laptop will end all processes mercilessly.

Thus we manage to reduce our tendency to procrastination to a minimum :)