Coats, bags and crazy people

I made myself a little Christmas present. A little early, I know, but what do you want to do?

I ordered two Duffle Coats from the world's oldest Duffle Coat manufactory.
A yellow one to be seen on the bike even in autumn weather, and a blue one, otherwise my better half scolds me.

Of course, I also kept myself busy with the selection of my new jackets until I knew even the smallest detail of the manufacture and were in full doubt. I called England and asked for information, and lo and behold: All crazy people! Geeks who have optimized the production of their products over generations and have accumulated a lot of knowledge.

I love geeks, nerds, crazy people, whatever you call them. We have a similar demand on our company and our bags. We want the best. And by far.

With the new coat we went to the city for a short time to choose a new pair of glasses. And see there: you don't find passion in the big chains. We chose a small optician's shop in the city centre. And I can't put that feeling into words: We were greeted and perceived with an unexcitement and unobtrusiveness that I had never experienced before. The perfect mixture of "I'm here to help you" and "I don't want to get on your nerves". As if they had been waiting for us. How do you give such a feeling? The following 60 minutes of attention belonged completely to us: try, discuss, watch, try again. In between there was an incredibly good espresso. Of course we found beautiful glasses. The measurement then took another 90 minutes. Two and a half hours in which our optician took care of us exclusively.

What I would like to say: You'll find what you're looking for at the Freaks. Those who deal with your products more thoroughly than anyone else. The crazy ones who turn their passion into a product.

And then the logical consequence is that you don't need much. We have to look for and find the pearls that life offers us (thank you Pati). The special. We can breathe a sigh of relief and rethink, because with this knowledge consumer madness can confidently pass our asses by.