The 3 principles for our Startup

We believe in certain principles. We believe in rules that we have established for ourselves and that set the course for our start-up.

I want to take advantage of the attention we're getting right now and tell you a little about it.

1. there is enough for everyone
We live in a time without borders. In a time of constant change and growth. Laws, which were still extremely important yesterday, are today already before their expiration date. We can therefore, with a clear conscience, dispense with many rules from the past. That is why we have decided:

We do without competition.

We put a product on Amazon and thereby reach 40 million people.

We put a product on AliExpress and reach 576 million people.

We sell niche products in small quantities. But even in our niche, the international cake is so big that even crumbs are enough to more than fill us up.

That is why our first principle is: cooperation instead of competition!

2 We are more than dealers
We have a mission that aims in two different directions and yet can be done with the same principles. We don't see ourselves as mere traders.

We are intermediaries
We see ourselves as mediators of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for quality, sustainability, craftsmanship, cycling, the environment and the future. Enthusiasm for simply horny shit.

This is how we mediate between craftsmen on the one hand and customers on the other.

Our craftsmen bring along an enthusiasm for their craft that has lasted for generations and developed an art form from it.

Our customers must have a certain enthusiasm for beauty, cycling and quality, otherwise they would not spend 340 EUR on a bicycle bag.

How do we differ from dealers now? As intermediaries, both parties are equally important to us. Behind every bag there is an artist whose life circumstances and family we know. Our bags are not made in large, anonymous factories. We know exactly which seam comes from which hand.

Our focus is 100% on our customers, but also 100% on our craftsmen. That's why we are three of a kind to do justice to this task.

We must do something
The streets are full. The air quality in our cities is now reaching limit values almost everywhere that endanger our health.

It is our task to make cycling even more pleasant. We have to create an infrastructure that allows us to cover our everyday traffic with a bicycle. And this also means that cycling must be as beautiful as possible. The best possible bikes. The best possible accessories.

We want to go to work in our most beautiful suit and the bike and accessories must fit.

The BMW X5 is no more practical for driving the four kilometres to and from the office. On the contrary: we have less stress and more of life on our bikes. But of course our car seems to fit better with our life, our status and the image we want to present. And that's where we have to attack. Even people for whom cycling is even more of a burden than a liberation have to be picked up where they build up their habits.

I promise you: Get a Schindelhauer Bike, put one of our bags on it and stand next to an X5 at the traffic light. You're the heroes, and you're also considered heroes.

Second principle: The future of our craftsmen and our customers as future heroes is equally important!

3. cooperation according to sympathy
The feeling that working with different people creates is more important to us than anything else. If that means slower growth, we are happy to accept it. We don't just want to know the people behind our craftsmen and above all like them.

We have been working together with Herold Neue Medien from Regensburg for some time and have been advised by Frank's team in matters of online marketing. Yesterday I wanted to write a Google review for their company and thereby express my thanks and appreciation. The sentences just bubbled out and I would have been able to leave it out line by line how wonderful the cooperation is. Our demand for cooperation can't be any clearer.

And so we are lucky enough to be able to specifically select partners who are on our wavelength. They also understand our mission and can cope with it. We feel incredibly comfortable with all of you.

Third principle: Working only with people whom we also want to meet in the evening for a beer.

These are the three principles on which we build a part of our company. Of course, our principles are also subject to constant change.
Of course, this does not correspond to what is generally taught at universities in lectures such as founding doctrine or organizational development.
Of course, it is often said that money cannot be earned with little aggression. But we can. We even do it because we have to. We cannot support the families of our craftsmen if we do not sell our bags. We cannot work with the wonderful people if we cannot pay them. And we cannot go on with our mission.

However, the basis of long-term success is adherence to these three principles!