Well behated - Sicnature goes Hutkönig

All beginnings are difficult - that's why we quickly realized that not everyone is ready to buy a pig in a poke and would order a high-priced product in an online shop. Our bags primarily appeal to the senses; it goes without saying that they are best stimulated by haptic impressions and - especially in our case - by the smell.

That is why we are currently looking for suitable retailers who are willing to exhibit our bags in the spirit of cooperation. And who would have thought that - a little dream has now come true.

Attention, ladies and gentlemen:

From now on you can admire two of our beautiful bags in the Regensburger Hutkönig! The internationally renowned specialist trade stocks hats of the most varied designs made by master craftsmen; and has done so for several generations. Shopping here is not only a matter of the mind - in the truest sense of the word - but appeals equally to heart and senses. Therefore it is a great honour for us to find two of our bags together with our Indian bike well protected in one of the big shop windows, where they can be seen by lovers of unique quality and extraordinary fashion.

Come by and ask in the shop for the exclusive discount code only available in the King of Hats.