This Pic deserves a Blog Post

Our current post on Instagram is an awesome picture.

We think it deserves more than a few likes and hashtags and so we want to offer a little more information.

The guy is Jonas from Munich. An incredible man. A stunning model.

He came to Regensburg with an almost infinite selection of clothes, shoes, glasses and jewelry and became the face of our brand for the coming season. We rarely had so much fun at work, while we strayed through Regensburg in search of good spots.

This spot is the Villa Park directly on the Danube. We parked our bikes in order and put the bike bags down, brought some beer from the nearest pub and let the evening end. We've been wandering for about ten hours through the whole city has run out and made many many photos.

And it went on. Hatl has not put away the camera. The pro just can't stop. Although the beers were cool and the day exhausting, he once again made sure that the incredible light and incredible mood could be captured.

The bag is our trapze. We wanted to show on the two days that we are not just selling bicycle bags that happen to be made of leather. We wanted to show that we create fashion that goes far beyond cycling.

Thank you!