The Globetrotter - the youngest member of our family

World Travelers, Adventurers and Heroes beware! We have something new: The Globetrotter! That was the first thought when holding this beautiful and new bag in our hands for the first. Where in our previous models, leather dominated the appearance, durable canvas fabric is used, as it is usually used for tents, sails and outdoor equipment. When dry, this fabric is windproof yet breathable. Due to its surface structure up to 80% of its own weight can be absorbed in water and additional water-repellent properties can be achieved by the fibers that swell up as a result. Those who want to be on the safe side can additionally resort to a surface impregnation, as offered in the accessories trade; but for the "normal" everyday heroes should already be well taken care of.

If our Globetrotter initially looks a bit complicated in terms of its structure, you won't need an instruction manual. The clever arrangement of the two individual pockets allows both the connection to the top tube and the luggage rack - with just a few simple steps, the individual pockets can be adapted to the given conditions. If you can not get on with the bike, the included shoulder strap can be fastened to the buckles, which balance the weight perfectly even when the pockets are unevenly filled. Additional components such as leather or metal rivets and / or closing complete the overall optical package and, thanks to their careful processing, provide additional robustness. As a special eye-catcher here are two rope mounts, which - if you like - provide maritime accents.

The inner life also impresses with its well thought-out layout for the order freaks among you. If you want to be up-to-date with your laptop, you can park a monster up to 16 inches comfortably and safely in it. A visually appealing and easy-care fleece with different designs provides the necessary gliding ability.

So, that was enough to read - now it's time to get out into nature and into the fresh air! Next time maybe even together with our Globetrotter!