We love you too, Oktoberfest

We have to be honest: Events like the Oktoberfest are rather not for us. Unmanageable crowds, dense crowds and loud festival music. One's joy the other's suffering.

We are more comfortably on the way. On our bike through the city or out into the countryside. Rather listen to the tire on the asphalt and the even cranking of the chain. Better to feel the wind in your face and the sunbeams in your neck.

But why not have both.
So we have something planned for you. Under #mitmradlaufdwiesn you can soon take part in a small and fine competition. Part of our mission is to make cycling more comfortable for you. You have to cover as much distance as possible with your vehicle and look fucking awesome. It goes without saying that this applies not only to the way to the office, but also to the way to the Wiesn.

But we have made beautiful photos with Franzi in her beautiful Dirndl and on her divine Indian Racer.

We had a lot of fun and the result is very impressive. Be curious