All New - Part 3

We welcome again a new member in our family.

Feedback is worth its weight in gold and we take everything that comes from you to heart. That's why we have now introduced it for our briefcase:

The carrying handle!

By upgrading from twenty-four! to twenty-four.1, we're meeting your needs. Before, the clean design spoke for itself, now it's practical. We deliberately decided not to use the 12" version, because the 12" Macbook also fits into the 13" compartment without wiggling around.

We will develop a 15" model for the future so that you can carry your larger notebook in a luxury leather bike bag.

If you like it clean and simple, you'll love our unique piece. If you like it a little tidier, you can put our custom-fit Porter in your shopping cart. Porter makes sure that all things have their place without taking up too much space.

Who has more questions to our models or suggestions to further product developments, writes me simply a Mail to

I am happy and wish everyone a wonderful spring start!

PS: The following short video is recommended for everyone who is interested in the production of our bags. It gives you a wonderful little insight into one of our saddleries: