Everything makes the new, Part 1 - Market Buddy Limited Edition

Yes yes May, we know :)

But we can't stand it anymore. And the Martin also no more.

Therefore we can proudly present part 1 of the new spring series today.

A wild Market Buddy in green olive. Actually - to be honest - it was a small slip. We wanted chocolate brown and got ... Olive green!

Since we only received a small batch of this leather, we decided to sew a Market Buddy Limited Edition out of it: 10 pieces. When they are gone they are gone.

Wonderful natural colour, orange seams, familiar wearing comfort and massive space. Sustainable, handmade and unique plastic-free fastening system. Like all our leather bike bags.

The backpack makes your bike and your back happy!

Do you have colour wishes? If so, here with it. Maybe the next Limited Collection bears your name.