The part 2 - Welcome Porter makes everything new!

You like order? So do we!

In principle we prefer to keep it simple with our bags. Few compartments, lots of space and focus on the essentials. But sometimes it has to be a little bit more.

This sometimes left us no peace.
Often two compartments in one bag are enough. One for laptop or tablet, the other for purse, mobile phone, key. Sometimes perhaps a lock to secure your beloved bicycle. Focus on the core competencies: Beautiful, classic, handmade, high quality leather and almost indestructible quality. Our classics.

However, there are situations where a little more order does not hurt at all. On the contrary, it even helps.

In the morning after coffee, but now quickly to work. Do I have everything I need? Oh shit, chaos in my pocket, everything will be there. And exactly at the moment when the door closes: crap, the key is still in the apartment.

Happens to everyone. But not again with our new leather drawer Porter.

Now everything has its fixed place. And the best: You can take the whole thing out, simply fill it with your most important utensils and put it back again. So you always know that everything is there.

Why not from the beginning?
If it's so great, why don't we put it in by default?

We focus on Sometimes. We want to make commuting by bike more appealing to everyone with more style and beauty. For many it is enough to have the most important things with you when cycling.

On the other hand, we naturally want to use raw materials consciously. Our leather is infinitely valuable to us and we discuss every square centimetre we use.

And last but not least, our Porter is also a piece of handicraft. Every stitch, every hole and every rivet is handmade and hand set. If we look at the drawers and count the stitches that are necessary, we can imagine how long the production takes. And here we like to let our customers decide whether it is worth it for them.

Our Porter is available for the gentleman, the queen and of course the twenty-four! So you are perfectly equipped with our classic leather bicycle bags.